Posting a Killer Selfie

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Step by step guide on posting a killer selfie: 


It’s been a while since we’ve had parties or events to show off our new looks and styles, but the need for getting your face out there is still important as ever. Let's go through some of the simplest steps to take a killer selfie and rack up some likes!  

 Lighting: The first step in any great picture is lighting. Indirect natural light is the most flattering, so through sheer curtains or in the shade. Windows with privacy film on them are great as well. Bonus if it's a cloudy day, you get a nice light but without harsh shadows.  

 Work your angles! Double chins/bad angles are a part of life, but you want to avoid highlighting them in your selfies. Hold your camera or phone higher than your eye line to draw your focus up slightly. This cuts down on the unflattering double chins or nostril shots. If you are taking a full body shot, avoid photographing head-on and experiment with different poses and postures.  

Makeup! No matter the look you’re going for, M.INT has your lash needs covered! From more dramatic sets like our BLISS and DIVINE, or some of the more natural ones like MYSTIC or AIRY. Don’t forget our adhesive liner comes in black, brown, or clear, so there’s endless combinations to find what works for you. Top that off with a smoky eye or a bold lip!  

Smile, really. People love to see smiling faces, and it's even better when they are genuine smiles. Your honestly happy face will catch more attention than a fake plastered smile we can spot a mile away. So turn on a stand up comedy video and get the real smiles rolling.  

Use Hashtags! After you take a few shots, take a look and pick the ones you want to share. Posting some relevant hashtags on your photos are not only helpful for you to show up in more searches, but it means you can find other like-minded people and inspire someone else to try new things. Some of the ones we like are #mintnetic #lashlove #lashlife #lashsocialites #beauty #makeup #gamechanger #striplash #striplashes #magnetfree #glueless and don't forget to tag @mint.netic in your post and we will like and share! 

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