Affiliate Agreement


The Role

Your role as MINTNETIC Affiliate is to use and to promote the MINTNETIC brand with the utmost integrity and respect for the client, the corporation, and yourself.  You do this by:  

  • Using MINTNETIC Lashes branded strip lashes.
  • Posting and sharing to social media 2-5 times per week is recommended and  favorable comments regarding the MINTNETIC products, services, and brand, always in accordance with the corporation’s standards, guidelines, and direction.  

The Perks

While performing your role as affiliate, the corporation will gift you with: 

  • 50% off first time purchase on all regular priced products 
  • 30% off all products 
  • Your own unique MINTNETIC  20% discount code
  • Exposure of your eyelash enhancement work via digital marketing channels
  • 15% of commission sales

The Agreement

  • You will keep your discount code confidential and to use it only for its intended purposes, and only while you are part of the Affiliate program. We have a zero-tolerance policy on account sharing. If you share your affiliate code, all orders placed with it will be cancelled, refunded less restocking fees and account will be closed. 
  • You will maintain a high degree of knowledge of the MINTNETIC website, products, services, programs, prices, features, benefits, marketing messages, processes, and guarantees. 
  • You will exclusively promote the MINTNETIC brand of lash enhancement product and services.
  • Use the MINTNETIC and M.INT Beauty Inc. brand only in connection with marketing the M.INT brand and products while you are brand affiliate.  
  • You will adhere to the various laws, regulations, and codes that govern doing business in Canada. 
  • You and/or the Corporation may, with two weeks written notice, end this agreement. The Corporation may also change the role/perks with two weeks written notice. The term is valid for one year from the start date.

The Rules

Being an affiliate  means operating with integrity and respect, which means you will not:  

  • Post anything related to MINTNETIC to inappropriate websites (eg: sexually explicit content, illegal activities, violence, discord, or discrimination). 
  • Sell, resell, or give away products or services outside of the MINTNETIC shopping cart. 
  • Use without permission “M.INT” or “MINTNETIC” without permission from the Corporation. 
  • Make any unapproved claims about MINTNETIC, including those related to health, or recommended treatment of any illness or condition
  • Endorse or promote any other eyelash enhancement brand, or work in any role for another lash enhancement brand, studio, or business while you are M.INT Affiliate.
  • Engage or participate in any other business activities that conflict with the best interests of the M.INT brand. 
  • Share any confidential information about MINTNETIC or M.INT Beauty Inc., its products or services that isn’t generally known. 

By agreeing to this document, and beginning on today's date, you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions as they are outlined above.

This Affiliate is between:

MINTNETIC INC. (The Corporation)  and Affiliate (an individual operating an independent eyelash enhancement business)